conquest / kon-kwest / noun

1. the act of conquering, winning favor of new territory, relationships or customers

Conquest Strategic Marketing is a street-smart, full-service ad agency focused on reaching today’s savviest consumers. We are developers of indelible creative and geo-targeted media campaigns that drive both foot and web traffic to companies of all sizes. Great creative concepts and less media waste deliver a higher ROI for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Conquest Strategic Marketing

Quality Over Quantity Model

Conquest is not a “big-box” ad agency with rows of cubicles where clients get lost in the shuffle. Our customers receive a one-on-one partnership experience where they are priority number one. Although most of our team earned their experience from large agencies, we built Conquest on a quality over quantity model where a smaller client base receives a higher level of service over a longer relationship period.

Conquest Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

The days of “Spray and Pray” marketing have passed. Your customers are more educated than ever, armed with research, reviews and competitive information in the palm of their hands. Conquest will reach this elusive buyer by dropping your message in their lap just before the point of purchase. Every dollar of your ad budget needs to be accountable so we geo-target your message to insure that you are reaching only potential customers. Whether you need to reach an entire DMA, a county or a zip code, we will scale your campaign accordingly to reduce media waste.

Conquest Strategic Marketing

People Trust People: Testimonials

We believe that your current satisfied customers (testimonials) are the best tool in helping you stand out from the “noise”. The tactic has been well researched too. According to Nielsen, which surveyed more than 28,000 internet respondents in 56 countries, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media (like testimonials) above all other forms of advertising. As easy as it sounds, there is a real science to showcasing genuine customer testimonials in advertising. We can help!

Our Services

Conquest Strategic Marketing offers Creative Services


  • Script Writing
  • TV Production
  • Radio Production
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Logos
Conquest Strategic Marketing offers Branding Services


  • Jingles
  • Logos
  • Slogans
Conquest Strategic Marketing offers Digital Services


  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Display
  • Social
  • Pre-Roll Video
  • E-Campaigns
  • Mobile Targeting
Conquest Strategic Marketing offers Media Services


  • Planning
  • Placement
  • Post Buy Analysis
Conquest Strategic Marketing offers Research Services


  • Focus Groups

Our Portfolio

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