Lou Sobh Auto Group

When you sell and service cars for close to 30 years in Atlanta like the Lou Sobh has, you amass thousands of happy customers! How do you showcase these customer testimonials in a way that isn’t played or boring? The “Sobh Stories” campaign shows actual customer testimonials wrapped in a fun jingle that reminds their audience that “Sobh Stories are a GOOD thing”. The jingle is prevalent in all TV, Pandora Radio, digital advertising and dealership websites.

25th Anniversary TV Commercial :30 ➜

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[easypopper box=”23″]Lou Sobh Loyalty Promise[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”24″]Lou Sobh 25th Anniversary Logo[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”25″]Lou Sobh Billboard[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”26″]Lou Sobh Radio Ad :30[/easypopper]
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Lou Sobh Grand Opening TV Commercial :30

What’s Your Soby Story? TV Commercial :30

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[easyfbox box=”21″]Regal Nissan 15 second radio jingle