Marietta Toyota

Marietta Toyota has long been known as one of the top producing Toyota dealers in the Atlanta market. With additional Toyota dealerships being added in nearby cities, Marietta Toyota was finding it tougher to stay on top. The creative minds at Conquest Strategic Marketing went to work and created the “It’s Better in Marietta” branding /Retail campaign. Who tells your story better than your long-time customers? This why Buy campaign took life in video on TV, Movie screens, Gas Station Pump TV’s and social networks to let their PMA know why “it’s better in Marietta!”. An endless supply of happy Marietta Toyota customers made it easy to extend this into digital, POS, and radio. Enjoy some samples of this campaign as well as some viral and more retail oriented marketing assets produced for our friends at Marietta Toyota.

[easypopper box=”10″]Marietta Toyota – Billboard[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”12″]Marietta Toyota – Billboard[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”15″]Marietta Toyota – Billboard[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”100″]Marietta Toyota – Print Ad[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”101″]Marietta Toyota – Print Ad[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”102″]Marietta Toyota – Print Ad[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”103″]Marietta Toyota – E-blast Design[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”105″]Marietta Toyota – Banner Stand[/easypopper]
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[easypopper box=”106″]Marietta Toyota – Logo ➜[/easypopper]
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Marietta Toyota TV Commercial :30