What is your brand’s Sonic Identity?

What is your brand’s sonic identity?  If you can’t answer that question you’re missing out on a crucially important marketing tool. Much like a company’s brand logo, a sonic identity offers an indelible sound, sting or jingle that is instantly recognizable and identifiable with your brand.

Some great examples of what we like to call “Micro-sonic” identities would be the 2 piano notes in the beginning of every national Honda ad, the 4 familiar notes at the end of any INTEL ad, or the YUMMMMM at the end of a Red Robin ad. In my house, we can even mention Red Robin or drive by one of their restaurants without someone singing “YUMMMMM!”.  Recently I’ve notice The Hendrick Auto Group incorporating a single bell note and Hendrick “whisper” at the beginning of their radio commercials.  Once these audible brand cues reach critical mass through repetition they become audio “bread crumbs” that lead current and potential customers back to their brand (and hopefully their storefront!).

Full-Sung Jingles
We’re all familiar with “ear bugs”, that song or jingle that you just can’t seem to get out of your head, (think Pharrell’s “Happy” song.) While a Micro-Sonic identity drops audio breadcrumbs, full-sung jingles do this and more. They go a step further and give advertisers the opportunity to include their slogan, moniker or even a call to action. Whether you like the “1-877-KarsForKids” jingle or hate it, if you want to “donate your car today”, The Kars For Kids Organization would probably come to mind immediately AND you would know exactly how to reach them! Granted, this commercial reaches an estimated 50 million radio listeners a day, their memorable jingle has made them a household name.

The Takeaway on Sonic Identities
If your business is currently using audio or video mediums to brand itself (this includes web-based mediums), adding a sonic identity to your message will boost the retention, recall and effectiveness of your ads. The Creative Team at Conquest Strategic Marketing has created dozens of successful jingles for our clients (hear samples on our Portfolio page). We would love to hear about your project and discuss the possibility of creating a sonic identity for you. Contact us today for a free consultation and proposal! https://conquestsm.com/#contact